CSS: All about gradients and it's compability


is it possible to implement a gradient that is compatible in Opera browsers?

background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(#EAD9F7, #D9A6EC);
background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, color-stop(#EAD9F7), color stop(#D9A6EC));

so far is the only thing I know.

You mean CSS3 gradients.

No, Opera 11 still doesn’t have support for CSS3 gradients for background. You are left with images or SVG.

There is no opera browser specific code for css3 gradients.
While, it is nice to use gradients from CSS3 as they make the page load faster by not requiring images, because they use vendor-specific code, they are no valid and cause errors if the page is ran through W3C.

Noonnope, how can one use svg’s? I have seen them on the web before, but I have never used them. Do they load faster? I believe they are vectors so shouldn’t they look nicer?
I was just wondering if you could answer any of these questions on point me to a nice tutorial or information on using SVG’s and why.

-Team 1504