Cross-platform mobile payment


I am looking for a reliable mobile payment provider. A few years ago I implemented the truesenses gateway, it’s actually Premium SMS. So, when the user pays, he enters his phone-number and receives a code which he then sends to a short number.
I lost a bit touch with this topic and I see there are many new providers around now, like Boku or Fortumo, and I wonder if someone here does have first hand experience with one of these “new” providers.

Especially I would like to implement the one payment gateway, which is most comfortable to use for the customer.

Also it should be independent of the smartphone/OS.

I guess I will use HTML5/jQuery (Mobile) for the mobile website. But I am really hesitating at the moment when it comes to selecting the payment provider.

I just opened my account here and I am a newb here on Sitepoint. So, I hope I am not asking any stupid questions here, haha…

Best regards,