Cross Browser problem fixing for chorme

Hey Jason I hope you can do a rewrite example of this… this page has been causing a lot of problems. One of his requirements/rules though for this page is that it must be like exactly 1024 or something (for an application I think). It’s not supposed to grow if the screen is indeed larger.

ooph. That’s bad. First even if it was correct to build that with tables, you’ve got colspans doing CAPTION’s job, td’s that should be TH…

But you shouldn’t even be using tables there in the first place. Ever heard of LABEL, FIELDSET and LEGEND? You may wish to familiarize yourself with those.

On top of which the absolutely disastrous fixed width layout that isn’t even 1024 friendly, fixed metric fonts, hordes of div and classes for nothing, IE conditional that probably doesn’t even serve a real purpose, etc, etc…

Heading to bed right now, but when I get up I’ll give you a more detailed analysis but right now I’m 100% certain that EVERYTHING you have for HTML and CSS is so bad there is NOTHING even worth TRYING to save! Chuck it, start over using the CORRECT tags for building a form and it’s fieldsets.

here is the link, i have commented out php so the dynamically driven drop down’s are missing but the text fields which are smaller will let u know the problem.
please do not post the whole code if u intend to paste the source code here, as its private content