Cross browser consistence between lines - a challenge. (and more 2 issues) :)

I know that it wouldn’t be pixel perfect. I don’t want that, but, well… if we can get closer, why not?

The challenge was to make a comfortable to read (more contrast will be needed on the background lines) web page, on a elastic layout, that don’t split on text resizing, consistent on, good browsers and, greater or equal ie7 ones.
Only. :slight_smile:
And the markup should be valid.

The font on the logo has been bought so, I believe no issues will arrive by having it applied on a web document right ?

Issue 1)
On some machines the body texts gets the letters to close to each other.
(like the “de” for example) and I’m not getting why is it, and how can we avoid it.

Issue 2)
The vertical space between the lines on the background and the text should be equal. From the top of our lettering, and the bottom.
The most consistently possible cross-browser.

What are your takes on the possibilities for achieving it?
Right now I was playing with line-height property.
But then I end up on dpi, screen-resolutions… a maze of concepts and experiences that I couldn’t get out of there.

Issue 3)
Even on favicons is IE pickie? I’ve tried windows ico, rename a png to ico, add the site to favorites, use png, and know a ico vista compatible.
What does it take to have this ico to show on IE7 and others?

I hope that, with time, I can start to help others, and have a solid way for doing so, and stop asking so many questions. Please have patience.


ps-sorry, perhaps the questions will never be less. But at least, I can also help others.

I’m taking care if this. Now IE displays others don’t.
No problem. It will work, don’t bother with this laziness of me.