Cropping images in illustrator

Hey there,

I am an advanced photoshop user who was lazy and didn’t bother to learn illustrator until recently.

I am aware that when you save an image as EPS vector, it can be resized at will in photoshop. However, sometimes, particularly with logos, I like to design in illustrator and save for web in Illustrator itself.

The problem I have is that if I have only used a small portion of the canvas, I usually want that section in the logo and not the whole art board. I know that I should start with the intended size anyway but is there someway to crop like in photoshop? I can’t see a tool anywhere?


What version of Ai do you have? In CS5, you can click Document Setup > Edit Artboards, and then dotted lines appear around the artboard and you can easily resize it to the desired size. There may be a better way, but that’s what I do.

Hey there,

I have CS3 at the moment, I am unable to afford a newer version but I shall try what you suggested in the morning, that particular setting does ring a bell, will post back if it works or not.

You can certainly resize the canvas in CS3, it’s just a little more clunky. Another option might be to make a new doc with the preferred dimensions and past the object in there. Again, I’m sure there’s a better way. I’m only an occasional user.
check out these sites,might help you out

Thanks very much all, I have it now, in CS3 you press shift+o and then click on the artboard and it automatically selects the region with something on it, nice, quick and easy :slight_smile:

Ha ha, thanks, now I’ve learned something. I know there must be a better way. :slight_smile:

Hey yeh me too that was bugging me,
Just to clarify it a bit for others tho, after you have clicked shift+o, you click on the layer at the outermost edge of the design because if you click one of the inside layers, the artboard size is cropped to that layer