Cron Job Problems - "No input file specified."

[FONT=“Georgia”]Hi there.

I’m on paid hosting and accessing the cron jobs through a control panel.

I have a php script that I’d like to run daily.

I’ve put this script in the folder .

When I navigate to this file directly in my web-browser it runs perfectly and sends me an e-mail.

When I try to set up a cron tab to execute it, though I get the following error in the cron output…[/FONT]

Status: 404
X-Powered-By: PHP/4.4.6
Content-type: text/html

No input file specified.

The command I entered into the control panel was…


I also tried…

php -q


php /Cron/SendMail.php

…those times getting the error…

/bin/sh: No such file or directory

[FONT=“Georgia”]Can anyone suggest why this might not be working for me??

I’m completely new to cron jobs, and just going by what I googled.

Many thanks.


I think the path to your file needs to be based on the actual directory on the server (not via an http request). You were close with this:

php /Cron/SendMail.php

However, the path should be something along the lines of /home/username/

This depends on how your host has configured the server.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Ore okay. That makes sense.

Is there anyway I can test for this to determine what’s the absolute path??

I doubt they’d tell me if I asked for it.


There should be no reason they wouldn’t tell you the path to your home folder. Most likely, your public html folder is stashed within your home folder anyway. I would email their support and ask, and while I waited, I would try using

/home/your_username_with_webhost/ and see if that works

As a side note, if you can connect via (s)ftp, you should be able to find the path you’re uploading too…
It would be easy too if you had shell access


I made an info.php file and ran it to get the document root.

You were right… that’s what the problem was… the path to the file needed to be absolute.

Thanks a lot, WoW_15. :tup:


glad to help