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I am looking at some CRM, and I see that there is a reference to number of users (comparison chart here:

What is meant by user, hence its number?

Thank you

Typically it refers to “seats” or people that will be logging in and utilizing the CRM. In many cases you buy seats either in bulk or individually, which permits you to have that many users logging in and doing tasks within the CRM.

Thank you.

Just to clear it further I gather there is no difference between admin, and customers, they both are considered users, right.

Will customers be logging into your CRM? Or will they be Contacts, people your CRM knows about, and stores data about, but aren’t users who will be actively logging in and performing tasks.

As unless they will log into the CRM to perform tasks, they would be called Contacts. Once they need to login, they are called Users.

At that point the distinction of Admin and Users is, an Admin has rights to all of the CRM, Users should only have rights to what they absolutely need.


Yes customers do need to login, insert info about installed tools (register tool id etc.), and they would create tickets in case of support, download manuals etc.
Of course they would have limited type of account as opposed to admin.

The one thing I would definitely do in your position, is ask for free trials or demos. They’ll gladly show it off to you, once you have settled on a couple that you like, ask in detail how they define/bill for users, as that should help you decide which one is going to be the most cost effective.


Yes indeed I am looking around, and evaluating the options.
You’ve been very helpful.


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