Critique & Feedback

Hey everyone,

I’ve managed to do more within game development with PHP, looking toward easy card games, or in general easy games to develop; games you can basicially play by yourself, and multiplayer games. I’ve already developed Rock Paper Scissors, but of course, this was just a structured development for developing further games with a familiar logic.

By developing RockPaperScissors, I found out that you can basicially create BlackJack (the card game) with most of the techniques I’ve used for RPS, but then I also want to do more easy and simple games before I start developing BlackJack; any ideas, feedback, or critique?

Maybe I can do something over the weekend and ask for more ideas later on, suggestions for the technical side of the game software, or visual side.

So please list easy game examples - thanks! :slight_smile:

PHP i’ve never thought was well suited towards blackjack or most card games. Card games involve a certain amount of state, the card deck. Each page refresh must maintain the sessions deck in order, as well as each players hand.

I feel that writing these games via javascript might be a better result, though manufacturing state in a web app is what we’re all paid to do to some extent.

Tic-Tac-Toe might be a next step in complexity i.e. easier than a deck of cards but more difficult than RPS

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve also noticed that refreshing the website is one “glitch” that would really destroy everything if you’re playing the game that needs to output a random array (object) for example. I’d need sessions, I guess.

Btw, how would it be possible to prevent re-run page refreshing? Setting a cookie or creating session?

Yes. If its only for a “fun” game then Cookies should be fine (leave a little fine print somewhere mentioning “cookies should be enabled … blah blah”).

If its a more “serious” game or you don’t want to rely on cookies, then SESSIONs would be a better choice.

Casual Collective has a feature where, when playing an online game, if you try to refresh, close the browser, or navigate away, it throws up a confirmation box. Not sure how they do it, but it proves it’s possible.

How would I restrict accessing a certain website that is out of the session?