Critique Critique-Exchange?


Do you want to critique my side project?

What makes you not want to sign up and submit your site? What should I change/remove/add? (If you want to submit a site, and submit one, I’ll review it for you.)

Critique Exchange is going to be a place where people help each other improve their websites. First you help a few people, then you’ll get help back with improving your own site.

There are some other websites that do this already. I’ve tested all I’ve found, and at those sites, I spend 10 minutes helping other people, giving detailed feedback. But when it’s my turn to get help, I tend to get back something like “Nice colors”. — Now I’m trying to create a feedback exchange site that is fair: you get back as much as you give.

I think SitePoint attempted this a few years ago :- ) And it didn’t work because people just wanted to get feedback about their own sites without making any real effort to help others? — At Critique Exchange, however, one will first have to post say 1000 characters useful feedback, before one can post one’s own website and get back around 1 000 characters useful feedback. I hope that this + a moderation system, and a meta moderation system, and the_ban_bot, will make it work.

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