Creeating a drop down menu when someone hovers over image?

Hey all,

I am trying to create a dropdown menu when someone hovers over an image. I tried the spry thing but it just creating a menu, I need it to be able to drop down when someone hovers over the image.

I did find this code.

<a href=“whatever.htm”><img src=“menu1.gif” onmouseover=“dropdown(this, ‘menu1’);rollover(this, ‘menu1_over.gif’);”></a>

But I need several links for the dropdown.

Any suggestions?

Is the image clickable? The easy way to account for IE and such, would be to add an event handler via JS on the ‘mouseover’ event for the image, and change the position of a dropdown menu.

Could you provide some code, or a page that has the content which you want souped up?

I appreciate the reply. The website I have so far is

I am looking so that if someone hoovers over the navbar under the header, a dropdown box appears with other pages

If they’re going to be clickable, then I would recommend Suckerfish

It didnt work for me, The links showed up above the images.

… Are you working with a local page? If so, could you please upload so we can take a look at the source? The markup on the site seems a little out of date and relient upon tables, would be better converting it to a non-table based layout in the end.

Yea not a problem, I still have to create the css file, Everything is in the same page. This is the final step then I am going to clean it up a bit, But this one has me stumped.

I have upload the page for you.

You actually could just view source for this one.

Check this out and see if it helps:

Well I found this tutorial and this is exactly what I need to do, But I am running DW cs3 so there isnt a “Show Pop-Up Menu” available. Anyone know where I can get this addon to be able to use it?

If you are using Dreamweaver, the best option would be a paid extension. It will pay for itself in next to no time… check out the latest popup menu offering from projectseven
I have one of their menu in my toolkit and wouldn’t be without it! :slight_smile:


you can also check out dynamic drive they have some good free code for drop down menus.