Credit System & Escrow (Magento)

So I’m currently building a marketplace website through Magento. I’m using Webkul’s multi-vendor marketplace extension for peer to peer business. I’m looking for something that: 1) allows a custom credit/currency to be used for payment and 2) an escrow that allows a buyer to release the funds after an item has been successfully received (something like localbitcoin does if you’re familiar with that site).

I can only seem to find store credit extensions, which in theory could work but I want the user to be able to buy the credit via the site itself and be able to withdraw the credit into actual currency through Paypal, other payment processors or BTC. I’ve also only been able to find escrow software that are sketchy at best… So I was wondering if anybody knew of any reliable software or trustworthy places for custom work.

I remember coming across something extremely similar to what I need, but it was for WooCommerce/WordPress and I can’t seem to relocate it anyway. Plus I’m too invested in Magento to convert over.

Any help and suggestions are appreciated!

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