Creative Commons for article content

Is Creative Commons a good idea for article content?

I want to start publishing a few articles on my site and I thought about adding a Creative Commons release; probably Attribution/Non Commercial/No Derivatives.

I thought that if the content might be copied anyway, and it’s hard/impossible to stop, then it might be better to provide terms for it to happen legitimately. I guess that it’s all very well to write a tough copyright notice, but following it through is another matter completely.

So would CC benefit me in any way, or just make it even easier for content copiers to get a free ride on my work?

If a copier includes my CC notice in the copy (it would be at the end of each article), with its link to the source, is it likely to be the kind of inbound link that adds value?

Would search engines reliably recognise the original version? Or would I have to out-SEO the duplicates?