Creatings bleeds - illustrator CS4

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could walk me through how to create this template with a bleed, in illustrator CS4 ? ( see attached )

Im a newbie with this -
I thought mayeb you could create a path with pen tool and then create artboard or something but it wouldnt let me , I may be way off


what do you mean when you say “with a bleed”? You can trace the drawing exactly as it is in one artboard in illustrator and specifiying it as your die cutting at printing time. Tell me more about what you are trying to accomplish and I will surely will help you.

i was trying to create an artboard with exact dimensions of the folder - shows how much i know about illustrator coz apparently you can only have rectangles as artboards.

Then i was trying to figure out how to let the printers know where to cut.
I ended up creating an exact path as the template, and giving it a stroke of say yellow, and placing this over all my artwork so printers can see the yellow

How do you “specify it as your die cutting at printing time” if you are sending the file as PDF to printers

Did you create this template or was it provided for you to put your design on?

Usually templates like this have a bleed around the edges, say 1/4 inch, which means that the design extends 1/4 inch on all sides to provide some space for error in case the die is slightly off center (more likely to happen for larger runs). I’ve seen templates that have the bleed marked with a dotted or dashed line and ones that leave it blank where it’s up to the designer to remember to add the correct bleed, so it’s not always something that is literally marked out on a template.

As for letting the printer know where to cut, I would think they would cut right on the edges that you have marked off - the solid lines (check with your printer on this, I could be wrong).

You are right about the artboard, but the artboard is only there to help you in Illustrator, the printer won’t even see it or use it (well, they’ll see it if you give them the .ai file, but usually they ask for .eps or .pdf).

they sent it to me, asking me to add my own bleeds… and i didnt have a clue how! :wink:

Bleed is the printing outside the cut, more info here:

In your design you may have the artwork and over all you need to specify the colors and where the cuts and folds have to be applied.

If you are sending a PDF you may put the designed artwork in one page of the document and the lines of the die cut in another one telling your printer that this are for the die cutting. Traditionally the continuos line is the cutting line and the dotted line is the folding line.

It appears like you are not familiar with graphic design, I recomend you to build a dummy of the final piece and try to understand how things are going on.

Hope I’m helping you, and not confusing you more.