Creating new table row with phpMyAdmin

I want to create a new row in a table in my database and insert the following:

user_notify_mod TINYINT(1) NOT NULL;

I have read the instructions for phpMyadmin but still can’t figure out how to do it.

I got as far as viewing the table in my browser and clicking on “Insert” but after I clicked “Insert” the only choice I had was to:

Insert as new row – And – Return
Insert a new record

This was at the bottom of the page. Being Daring (or other names) I tried both but I get an error when I do this. I didn’t want to try again for fear of messing up the database which I may have done already. Where do I go from here?
How do I create a new row using phpMyAdmin? I am new at this (obviously) so your help is greatly appreciated.


I think from your description that you want to insert a new field into an existing table rather than inserting a new row? A row would contain actual data, whereas a field describes the data that you are holding. Example:

You have a table named products and you want to store product_id, product_price, and product_description. product_id, product_price and product_description are all fields.

A row in that table would be (e.g.):

00015 | 15.99 | Pack of 6 widgets

If I’m right and you want to add a new field to an existing table, you need to do the following:

Open phpMyAdmin
Click on the relevant database
Click on the relevant table name
Scroll down to the option labelled “Add new field” and enter the number of fields you wish to enter and where you want to add it/them
A screen will appear that lets you choose the field name and specify the data type and any other options

Hope this helps!

Yes it did help. I was able to get my new “field” set up and now my forum (phpbb) will send me a notice each time someone posts a message. Thanks very much. That was very helpful.