Creating login and registration form

Can anybody tell me how to make switching login and registration form with HTML5 and CSS3? :confused:

Hi somendra,

Could you elaborate a little more on what you mean by “switching login and registration form”?
Do you just want to create the form or do you also want to implement the functionality behind it?

Hii Pullo,

yes, I want to implement the functionality behind it… :confused:

What functionality? Personally, I have no picture of what you have in mind.

Hii ralph.m,

I wanna create simple login and registration forms. In login form you type username and password and click on submit button after verification you will log in. In registration form type your desired username , password and a secret question after this click on submit button and your registration will be successful.


I believe the OP is trying to make a login form of some description.
I was just trying to find out whether the question was how to code up a form in HTML / CSS, or how to create a fully-functoinal login system.


Unfortunately, this is not possible using only HTML and CSS.
You will need to use PHP, for example to validate the user’s login credentials,as well as a database (e.g. MySQL) to store them in.
This is quite a big subject, but a simple Google search turns up a number of promising results to get you started:

Maybe you could look for a tutorial which you are able to follow.
Then if you get stuck or have any questions, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks Pullo…….