Creating link widget w/ anchor text?

I want to create a link widget (for SEO purposes) with anchor text that points back to my website. This would be given to fans & customers. For example, I’d like to create a widget that looks like the 3rd widget @ the bottom of this page.

How are widgets like this (with anchor text) created? Is this Javascript? Some other language? I understand that JavaScript links are essentially “invisible” to search engine crawlers - so it seems like using Javascript on a widget would be a bad idea from an SEO standpoint.

I’m looking for a general overview of how to create a link widget with clickable anchor text that will pass link juice. How is this done?

Not entirely sure but there usually some javascript/flash in them. Links are sometimes added on below in plain text. For example check out the vimeo widgets.

All you would have to do is make sure that the links are included in the code.

I wouldn’t get too precious though - I’d rather a big flashy thing on a website that links to my site rather than an SEO link dropped underneath. My Wordpress Plugins I do have a tickbox that says “include a link”, but it’s off by default. It’s only polite.

Thanks for your reply, rhysboy. Like you, I’m not entirely sure either. I’ll probably visit a local SEO meetup group, and ask someone in person.