Creating huge Backlinks are waste of time?

Creating huge backlinks in one day can effect our site in Search Engine.
Does Google thinks as spam links please explain.

@merry Ya ofcourse you should work in limit. Never try to create hudge backlinks in one day for the new sites it will make you spammer and you may be get penalized by the google. So always work in some certain limit otherwise it will hurt you.

Excess of everything is bad. Creating huge backlinks in just one day is surely going to raise questions. Google is concerned with how reputed backlinks are. You should go for quality and not quantity. Few backlinks from reputed websites will boost your rankings while on the other hand tons of backlinks from junk websites will be of no use and will hurt your reputation.

It depends on how natural the link profile is. It can be natural to gain lots of links in a single day if one of your pages goes viral or gets lots of attention.

But if you try to manipulate your link profile by getting lots of links quickly then the search engines will most likely be able to tell from toolbar data, analytics, etc. that you artificially created the links and they were not naturally obtained through lots of traffic or other legitimate means.

So if you artificially obtaining links, then I would ramp up the acquisition of them slowly so it looks natural.

Please increase your back links gradually with your theme related… Else , it will be considered as spam… Be sure to do not work with automated software’s to increase your back links… If Google found, then you will be suffer…

If a site goes viral then it could genuinely gain a million backlinks every five minutes. The only difference is that those backlinks are created by a million different people and not by the site owner.

I see, and how does this answer the question? The issue wasn’t about who made the links, it was whether or not they’d be seen as spam.

OP, this subject is already being discussed on this thread - It doesn’t matter how fast you build links, or does it?

Well for the 0.000000001% of people for who the connection of that statement to the question wasn’t obvious - if a site can genuinely pick up a million backlinks in five minutes through a million different people each linking to it then it is obviously not spam. So the speed at which links are added is irrelevant to whether the links are spam or not. So for search engines to be able to use the speed of link creation in testing for spam they’d need to be able to identify who added the links.

I think the search engines are able to identify fake links better then we may think. Of course they still cannot keep up with all of them being created daily so they may not always act on them, but they have an idea of how many links a typical site within an industry typically obtains within a time period, and if a site spikes with new links and they do not see much traffic going to the site or mentions of it in social media (data obtained through analytics, browsers, toolbars, etc.) then it will most likely throw a flag.

Also, many times people who create lots of links quickly, even if they are on lots of different sites, have a similar footprint (similar anchor text, links to the same page, similar social profiles, etc.) which is easy to detect. There is no guarantee that artificially building links quickly will get you caught, but I would argue that the speed of link acquisition is important when it is outside the normal link profile.

Gosh, you answered my question, that’s great, thanks, There are some more on this thread that I’d really appreciate you answering. Thanks!

So, regarding fast acquisition of links, when you analyse competitors backlink profiles, what are you looking for that would tell you if their links are spam or not? That might help us understand how Google is doing it, or maybe why they can’t. I know it’s a lot to ask but would you mind explaining your backlink profile analysis methodology? You know, like I did with my keyword analysis methodology?

If it’s up to scratch, it might even be stickied, and that would be good for the SEO forum.

Can’t wait.

There are some things that you can look for that can tip you off quickly that the links could be spammy. When researching a competitors backlinks look at the sites the links are on and where on the page they are listed:

are they continually in the comments, or forums or message boards?
are they continually in the footer or sidebar (this can be an indication of them being paid)?
are the sites the links on similar in theme to your competitors or are they just random?
do the links only appear on high PR sites (a natural link profile will have links on sites with high and low PR)?
do the sites all have a similar layout, template or theme (this can be an indication that they are all part of the same network)?
if they are mostly on forums and comments is the social name/profile of the commenter the same or similar?

You can copy the link text from these pages and do a quick search for it in Google with quotes to identify everywhere on the web where that link shows up. If the same link text (use your judgement here, because it would not be uncommon for the URL of the homepage to be used as the link text often) is used quite often that can also be a sign of spammy links, you can also do a similar check for the page being linked to (a natural link profile will typically have links going to be many different pages on a site).

There are many other things you can look for, and perhaps the Sitepoint community can offer some other suggestion, but these are just a few of what I look for.

It is possible for someone to make it difficult to detect artificial links, but that takes time, and typically if someone wants to grow their link profile quickly they are not that careful and you can find some patterns and/or low quality links.

Felgall, when I asked the question above (which you must have missed because I know you’d answer it if you saw it) I forgot to ask about whether or not, in your experience, you think it’s possible to hurt a competing page by creating a speedily acquired spammy backlink profile?

I’m really looking foward to reading your description of how you analyse the backlink profile of competing pages, since it’s about a basic a requirement as you can get in SEO I’m sure you must have a done it tons of times right? It doesn’t have to be a long post, just give us a flavour?