Creating google + brand pages, individual personal page needed first?

Looking to create a Google+ page. Does anyone know if you must have a personal Google+ page before you can do that? Facebook forced me to have an individual profile first. i’m hoping its not the same with g+

please advise. thanks in advance.

Same with Google Plus. You still need to have a personal profile from them then create a brand page.

and do i need a g-mail account to create the personal page or can i use a non-gmail-email?

could i create a bogus personal page?

please advise. thanks.

This is a bit unsettling. Why would you create a bogus personal page? Starting out with something less than honest doesn’t seem to be a good way to build rapport with your customers.

Most people I know have a G account that they use more or less actively.

because i have zero interest in building out my own personal connections… instead i just want to brand the business and get some SEO brownie points in the process. additionally, i’m not a fan of putting any personal information online which is another key reason i have no interest in building out my personal google page.

In that case you don’t build a personal page at all, build one and keep your settings private, or build one and add only information that you want your customers to see. Building a bogus page help neither your customers get to know your business nor does it help you acquire new customers.