Creating form to email info

Basically what I am trying to do is have a form where I can put in some info and have it mailed to the email I put in. Something like the image below.

Is there any kind of tutorial or anything close that can show me how to do this?

Unless you know a bit of PHP, it might be better to use a third party service like WooFoo. Otherwise, here are some links I’ve gathered over time:

Very much appreciated. I am a newcomer when it comes to php. I can do a simple contact form, but never done one where you fill in the email yourself.

$to = ‘’;

That is what I dont need. I need it to email the addy I put in the Email box.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by that.

Like I need to put in a email that I want the info to be sent to. I dont need the info sent to myself. Basically when someone asks for a quote, I can pull up this form and send it to their email, So the email will always be different as well as the info I am sending out.

OK, so you just need the “to” email address to be part of the form, rather than hard-coded. Although I have to ask, why not just do this via your regular email client?

Yes, thats what I need, and because I dont want to have to fill in the prefilled into it.

The outcome is going to look something like this

Bold being the pre-generated content

Sure, although you could just do a quick cut and paste each time. Not much work in my view. Anyhow, just saying!

If you have done a contact form before, all you need to do differently for this one is create an extra variable (for the ‘to’ email address) and feed this variable into the ‘to’ field of the mail () section as the to address.

Yea but to a lazy client it might be… lol