Creating Facebook Coupons/Discounts?

I’ve seen facebook pages for businesses where they’re offering $10 off coupon codes when someone clicks the Like button on their page. They explain that once you click the Like button the coupon code appears (haven’t actually tried clicking the Like button because I don’t want to Like something I don’t actually like). Anyone know how to do this? Is it a plugin or an app created for facebook that you plug into your facebook page? Or is it some custom app that you’d create separate from facebook?

We’re thinking of running something similar. We want to be able to have a coupon code automatically displayed in the browser when someone clicks the Like button. Not sure how we’d make that work on facebook though. I imagine we’d have to generate the codes in our system so that they can be accepted when users checkout on our site. But don’t know how to get those codes plugged into facebook or make them available when users click the Like button.

Anyone done this before?

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facebook is no longer supporting google as per latest facebook policy

I’m missing the direct connection with this thread and Google, can you elaborate?

I did this last week but i can’t get a coupon! :frowning: so i decided to unlike these types pages…

You could always just make a coupon code for your site and post it on Facebook