Creating employee attendance sheet in html and css

help me in creating attendence sheet of a employee dynamically please send me the code for the form

Welcome to the forums, @jayashree19ram.

You’ll find folk here are very happy to help, but you need to do your share of the work. (This isn’t a free coding service. )

So plese post the code you have so far, and explain in more detail where you’re stuck and what help you require.

(You can find advice on how to post code to the forum here: Forum Posting Basics)

thank you sir still i haven’t started with the code but i am stuck with from where to start at least can you tel me what are the things required to start this further i will proceed

Well, the first thing would be to decide which fields you need in the form. (We can’t do that for you; only you know what information you need to collect.) Draw up a rough outline of the form, and decide the best order for the information, them decide whether your fields need to be text inpputs, check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down options, or what. Then start coding.

If you need some basic help with creating a form, you’ll find a set of tutorials here: (There are many more available on the Internet, if you search.)

Hope that helps.

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thank you

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