Creating archives of Winners in my site

Hello All,
In my site i want to give awards to members on weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The criteria of winners is the number of views of each member’s posts.
e.g. The member whose post get the most number of views this week will be the winner of this week and like wise each week.

Again, at the month end there will be one winner for the month and for year.

Although, i got the logic to get the winners but i am not getting how to store these information in my mysql database as i want to create an archive of the winners so that after some time, if any one visits the site, he could see who were the winners of a particular month (both the winner of the week and winner of the month) and likewise the year the information would be shown month wise.

The major issue which i am facing is how to store these information in the database table so that i can retrieve these information whenever required to show in archieve.

Thanks in advance…

Hi djsahay. I don’t think you need to create a database table. Just download this plugin, and you will easily manage your winners list. After it post the results in a new post and it will save in database . Create new category for your member’s posts and it will be easy to knew who is the winner .