Creating an online 'audit' system - HELP!

Right, this is quite a complex one…for me anyway.

I dont have the greatest PHP knowledge but I wonder how difficult this would be:

We are migrating from a paper-based system where a member of staff sign’s off on a ‘control’ to show that it has been done.

These can either be recurring on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly or annual basis.

We want to do all the checks online so that someone signs the control electronically and their name and date is input into the database under the relevant ‘control name’.

I’m not sure how I would structure the table but more importantly, I’m trying to think of the best way to have the recurring controls. All the user would be inputting into the DB is their name(electronic signature) and the date and IDs would go in automatically.

Any ideas??

It’s really would be a hard go if you are not much experienced with PHP.
Because the application you are trying to build is quite complex.
Regarding DB structure, what i can effort from my side is to provide you a link:
where you can find lots of free application db models, may some fulfill your requirement.


Okay, i’ve given it a bit more thought and have a bit of a clearer picture now.

Basically the user interface structure will be:

Choose team > Choose ‘Control Frequency’ - eg. daily > Choose Control Name > Control detail page

I can then link a table to each Control ID with details of each electronic signature and date etc.

What I am trying to think about now is how to make it clear if a control has been signed off already for that period, without the user having to look at the ‘control detail page’ and the last ‘sign-off date’.

Please let me know if you need more info…I’m really grateful for any advice! :slight_smile: