Creating an onclick image swap effect

I want to create an onclick image swap effect. I’m not exactly sure what this method is called or how it is achieved (although I suspect javascript). A similar example is something like the image gallery for cars at the following link:

You have the main larger image holder and then a number of thumbnails to the side of this image. In this particular example when you hover the mouse over the thumbnail images the main larger image holder displays that thumbnail image in a bigger size. I’m pretty much aiming for the same effect but the only difference being that instead of on ‘mouseover’ I would like it to be controlled by an ‘onclick’ event.

Can anyone tell me the proper name for this effect and also either describe how it can be achieved or point me in the right direction for a good tutorial on it?



Here’s one way… (well, two actually).

(In the first example on that page, you can use the same code, but change the ‘onmouseover’ to ‘onclick’.)

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