Creating an Image NOT in Root

Id like to be able to create an image that goes into a temporary directory…

This works nice, but it goes into my public_html directory:

$this->_dstImage = imageCreateTrueColor($this->_dstImageX, $this->_dstImageY);

Id like it to go into another folder, so that I dont have to have my public_html set to 0777.

Can anyone give me some advice :slight_smile: Moving it from public_html to another folder works, but i still dont like a writable public_html folder.

imageCreateTrueColor is not a default function (imagecreatetruecolor is, but thats different); you’ll need to show us (or tell us) what package you’re using.

Im using GD2.0, functions are case insensitive i thought

They is case-insensitive. But I think the code you are looking for are the ones that actually create a file of an image format like: imageJpeg. Just use a path that points to the location you want to store it in the second parameter.