Creating An Archive


I’m trying to create an archive for a news page on my websie.
I have news items that change prequently and I want to have a way for the user to access them when they are not on the main news page.

I tried to do some research, but surprisingly enough could not find even one suitable explanation on how to do this.

I was thinking that i can either find a script that will do this (maybe JQuery has something) or maybe some PHP code accessing folders organized in a specifoc way or in a DB.

I am just a little lost… dont really know where to start…

If anyone knows of any built in feature or code or just can guide me as to whta i am supposed to be thinking when designing an archive, that’ll be great…

the problem is I have a dead line - so Im a little preassured, so hopefully someone can help…

Thanks a million :slight_smile:

Using SQL or mySql gives you the opportunity to group by date. On your news page you could have all articles of the current month. While in the archive list you can use the same GROUP BY to output the previous months/years