Creating an app or plugin (JS or PHP)

I need practice with my PHP and JS! I just have no idea what type of script, app, or plugin I should try to make! There are already so many good ones out there!

Where would someone start?

I have made quizzes and that sort of thing in the past, but of course I’d like to develop something that will be useful to many people.

I don’t know if these would be useful to many people, but for practice I made applications that I could use in my work and customized them to my particular needs - such as a To-Do List, an appointment calendar and a Task Timer. I found those sorts of things more useful than the typical tutorial type projects. And they are always a work in progress - every time I learned something new (such as OOP, PDO, or MVC, or a new PHP framework like Laravel), I would go back and add to them, modify them or completely redo them - all in the name of practice.

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