Creating an API with limited Dev knowledge

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I recently wondered what the typical go-to is when a person needs to create a web service or API with limited development knowledge of APIs.

After spending a bit of time, I personally found it useful to create an API using a low-code tool. These tools make it easier to create an API and add logic and integrations. Of course, there is the downside of not being free and arguably you are limited to the capabilities of the low-code platform.

What, in your opinion, is the go-to?

Typically, I am thinking of people that need to create an API but they do not have the development knowledge, or time to develop an API.

Here is my take:
*My recommendation is, I was able to create a fully hosted API in about 15 minutes, if you want to check it out, they have a guide to do it here: Guide: OpenAPI 3 specification to Live API - Linx I also wrote an article of my personal journey creating an API using Linx here: Getting your API to production can be challenging, especially when doing it all on your own. Luckily there are tools I can use to ease the process | Medium

My goto, based on what you’ve said, would be

They have an ample free tier and the paid tier’s are very reasonable.

You can create Webhook endpoints for folks to make requests to your API and in turn you can integrate with just about any API (private or public) available.

I use it often.

Thank you! I will check it out.

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@shantoievorster feel free to come back to this thread with questions, i’ll most likely have answers :smiley:

Perhaps I misunderstand something but it seems to me that either developing an API requires a substantial amount of programming to develop the application or the API is interfacing with an existing application. If the latter then it is best done by the developer, or a developer familiar with the application. I believe you that a non-developer can create an API but I also believe it could easily be not useful.

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