Creating advanced websites?

Hi, from my years experience making static and dynamic websites, I want to learn further in creating more advanced sites like auction and search engine sites, but I don’t know the direction to go. For auction sites, is it as simple as finding free auction scripts online and setting up your site, or is there more involved? Also how does any search engine do there sites, what steps do you need to take to make sites like this on your own? If anyone has any kind of information I’d really appreciate it, thanks.

Hotscripts usually has good scripts that you can start off with.

I’m glad to introduce my website to you. Hope it’s helpful to you. If you want some help, I’m willing.

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You’ve got lots of advice and responses but I don’t think you have really qualified your question… What do you want to do… Do you want to write the next Google or the Next Ebay/Craigslist?

If that’s your interest then I wouldn’t suggest you use this framework or that technology… You need to get into software engineering and look at the processes needed to achieve your goal. Once you fully understand the specification of your project then you can start looking at technologies to make it happen.


To create dynamic content on website i suggest you to use hot scripts and Ajax scripts on the browser side.

if we make a website so we must follow search engine ranking guidelines user and client not face major problem to get high ranking. we can refer google guide lines for better search engine rankings.

Hiren, i am assuming that you are suggestion that when you design a website, it has to be SEO friendly. If so, that is absolutely the case. All websites should be built on that premise.

This book seems to be good for beginners so I agree, though if the original poster wants to build advanced web apps/sites, he’s probably past that phase by now. Personally I’ve just found Rails so I’m switching over to that. It may be something the original poster would like to look into.

I would further recommend:

I could continue for a great while but that’s a start.

Don’t forget the efficiency all that bloat and generic programming sacrifices. Don’t get me started on how poorly WordPress is programmed. I think a blind, retarded orangutan could have done a better job. That isn’t to say it isn’t powerful, but is written like horse sh*it and dealing with it from a programmatic stand point is best avoided at all cost. All WordPress was ever programmed to be was a blog and making it into anything else involves some serious hacking that could be better achieved with other platforms built to be customized and extended such as, Joomla or Drupal – if going the open source route. WordPress has its place, but its not a viable option for everything under the sun, as most people dependent on it believe. Its good to use tools available to reduce cost, bit using WordPress for something such as an eCommerce suite is like using a hammer as a saw, it can be done but involves a whole lot of hacking. there is a reason why big name sites and applications don’t use WordPress. Normally, the people praising WordPress for thing other than a blog are those building small sites with very little return. Most people who know something about programming recognize that WordPress is a powerful blogging platform and that is all it is.

Speak for yourself.

I wonder where you get this wisdom from? Do you know how many websites there are still around where no Wordpress or any other CMS is involved?

I know Wordpress can become in handy and has a lot of advantages, specially for people without any coding experience, but there are a lot of disadvantages as well, in my opinion. One of them is that anyone can use free or cheap wordpress themes, so there is quite a big change that there are quite a lot of the same websites around(what about creativity?)! Another thing I find about all those free themes is that they are very poorly coded, so if you don’t know anything about server side coding your f…d anyway!

Sounds like you are a seasoned programmer if you’ve been making dynamic sites for years. So you might also consider building one from scratch. Free ones (hotscripts, etc) are pot-luck – you might get lucky and find one that had a good programmer, but you might not. And it can take just as much time to mod a free script to your app vs/ making it from scratch.

I haven’t done auction, but have done eCommerce…and it really depends on the size (#customers, #items, #pageviews/day – all 3 have to be considered) of your site. Basic sites can get away with rendering in real-time. More intense need pre-digested data - meaning “simple” things like “top sold items” need to be generated periodically and results stored in the DB for quick display. Even generation of navigation and parts of item detail pages (so when the admin adds/edits/dels an item, the system re-gens in real-time or queues it up if re-gens take too long). And unless you’ve got a PHD, collaborative filtering, is tough to build in-house but is worth it if you can get it.

Caching is also important. Memcached is brilliant, and stable on many platforms.

I’ve never made a search engine from scratch, but have used Zend Lucene (PHP - on the Zend site. This is the main site: – a free search engine. It’s a great introduction. And you can go through the code. I don’t know which algorithm(s) Lucene uses though.

Good luck!

I guess that yes, you could find scripts already created and built that you could use straight away… yet, you still to learn a bit of programming to know what to do, if you need to adapt them to your personal needs.

I guess that learning PHP is a must since most of the programs and scripts are written in PHP because it is free. For the type of programming you’re thinking of, you need a server side language :slight_smile:

You’ve got quite a bit of courses and books about PHP. In this case, I would recommend Kevin’s PHP course. It is aimed from newbies-medium. I’m not recommending it because it is SitePoint’s course, but because it was easy to do (at least for me) and you’re not going to get it much cheaper than this. Actually, you’ll pay much more for the same stuff. :smiley:

It would be a good idea to build on the knowledge you already have on building websites. This way, you will be able to get a feel for the skills that you might need to create advanced sites.

You mean “you” in general? :slight_smile:

The forums are here to help people, but we do ask people to give a try and do their homework. In this way, we can be sure that you will learn something and not simply copying and pasting code… the important thing is that you understand why things are happening :slight_smile:

Buy one of those PHP for dummies books.

All you need to know at the core is how to
write to a db
read a db
update a db

all the php functions are pretty straight forward, and forums like this make is even easier to get help.

One of those dummies books, a few cups of good coffee, and a nice place to relax and read is all you need :slight_smile:

I want to learn further in creating more advanced sites like auction and search engine sites, but I don’t know the direction to go…

any suggestion?


It seems that you have a good knowledge of XML, HTML, Javascript, CSS etc, so I recommend you to use PHP for designing auction and search engine sites. PHP is easy and simple to use.

I just want to tack on, Security, Security, Security.
Security is my caveat, it’s a pain to get right the first time, but it’s one of those thing that whether you want to or not you will end up learning, either from instruction or from experience.

I guess it depends on what advanced technology you want to get involved. For example, if it’s search then I might play w/ Lucene. If it’s UI related, I would consider portal tech like ExtJS, jQueryUI, Liferay, and etc… As of now, I’m learning ExtJS and it’s quite a beast to learn but the reward is very handsome.

with many options available, developing in php with frameworks may be the best way for you, try CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, or any others you’d like, it will ease the development and make it quicker