Creating a website in which I keep copyright of my studies and can monetize

Hi guys

I am looking to start publishing some of my studies/articles on a/my website. I have been looking at Squarespace but I can’t seem to find my answer.

The main aim will be solely focused on the material I produce and I would like to retain any copyright that comes with these. Furthermore I’d also like to be in a position where if any money is made it would come directly to me.

I understand the best way is to build it myself through WP etc but are there places like Squarespace which will give me what I want?

Any directions with this would be great guys

Can anyone help???

Hi @Fyer,

Any of the solutions you describe could do what you’ve suggested, and to be fair, so could many more. What it sounds like you’re looking for, is a content management system (CMS). What are you familiar with currently from a technology perspective? Do you want to get involved in that on a day to day basis, or would you prefer some kind of hosted solution that you just need to add your content to?

What I’m less clear on, is how you think you’ll monetise the content. How do you envisage that working? Ads? Direct Sales? Subscription?

If you could expand a little on how you think this will work and what you wish to achieve with it, it may be easier to advise you.

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Wordpress have plugins for Adsense (and works for Ad Exchange, as well) - in case you consider using ads as your method of monetization.

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Thanks guys

In actual fact I would like to run a website and blog with a forum now. Monetising in as many ways as possible ( meaning from the beginning it is setup to be able to do that)

Again, you really need to answer the questions @chrisofarabia asked, for us to give you meaningful suggestions.

I will say this, though; setting up a forum is not an easy option, so think carefully if you want to go down that path.

What brings visitors to a forum? Good content. Where does forum content come from? Visitor discussions. So there’s your first problem: how to recruit enough members in the initial stage to get things going. And once it’s up and running, the forum will need moderation (as will blog comments, if you allow those). That might not be an arduous task if the forum isn’t busy, but it’s something you need to bear in mind.

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Thanks guys

Basically i am trying to incorporate as much as possible

I thought I need to do a bit more thinking as I’m not sure what a cms is. Basically I want to create a blog with a forum attached to it. The content would always be fresh and the monetzing would come from ads and links. At this stage direct sales is not really considered but it could be in the future.

What I first need to think about are legal issues, which I’ve just started a new post about

Still a bit blurry tbh

How did your Lawyer recommend you to go about things?

IMHO that’s what you should do. That’s what you paid him for.

Thanks for the advice but I haven’t considered my lawyer for this yet. I’d first like to note some common issues before.

However going back to what I originally posted, can anyone recommend the best platform for what I would like to do…? Blog/with forum attached . Is Squarespace any good for this… Or would WP be better…?

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