Creating a web service

Hey folks,

I have been using the e-commerce solution prestashop and have been presented with a problem which means augmenting the existing API.

Luckily the prestashop developers in their wisdom have incorporated a web services tool to allow access of the db contents not just from the front ( product presentation cms scripts) or from the back (the admin office) but also from 3rd party web services.

I have no experience in using SOAP or REST sort of things but I do have some OOprogramming experience. What I need to know is how do I go about setting up a web service.

There is a part in the admin office that allows me to create a web service for different db tables and specify GET, POST , PUT , DELETE.

I know that I will have to somehow POST and GET variables between scripts but I have no idea of how to start testing and developing between the API and my custom web service code. This is largely due to the webservicerequest code which I could use a little help with so I have attached it. Would really appreciate a hand here, thanks :wink: