Creating a video playlist on the fly

I’m trying to implement an xml file, where users on my site can create a video playlist on the fly, on the video player page. Is it possible to do this
using 2 iframes, from my understanding of iframes, the first iframe would be the parent node and the second iframe would be the child node. The first
iframe would need to have 27 parent pages (0-9, A, B, C etc), each page being selectable by a drop down menu. The second iframe would be an xml page with
just the tags and a path to the actual video data, basicly a template page. The users could then copy and paste the video file name from the first
iframe to the second iframe. Then on saving the xml file, the child node gets a unique id and maintaining the original xml file name, that way when
multiple users create playlists at similar times each xml file would be unique to that user. Each child node/xml file created would then need to expire
when the user leaves the video player page or after say a 24 hour period. I have been trying to do this using a submit form, but I’m not sure if it can be
done that way, you can read my thread in the xml and web services forum, under the topic of free beer for martians, please read that thread before replying
here, you may get a better understanding. There are over 14000 video files in my database, way too many to create a single playlist file, also it gives
the users choice of what they want to play. Any feedback on this is, as always, is greatly appreciated. Cheers!