Creating a text-water drop

I want to make a water drop made out of digits in illustrator, how do I do that? Do you know what I mean?

Are you talking about having words follow the outline of the waterdrop shape to create the shape or about typography art/[URL=“”]typography design?

As far as I know, all the typography art/design work is set by hand (if you want the best placement of certain words, keeping whole words, etc.). There’s a reason it is considered it’s own art form. If it’s ok to have cut off words you could set down a block of text and mask it into any shape you want. The closest thing for auto-generating a typography shape that I can think of is how tag clouds on social media sites work, sometimes you can change the shape for them.

Hey, I found a tutorial that might help you a bit:

Of course, I think it would look better if you took the time to set the text manually, but this could work for a quick effect depending on what you need.