Creating a single page from a single PDF

I am totally new to website design and am learning from “Build your own Website …” -still inthe first 100 pages may I leap forward with this question

1)“Is it possible for me to create a page from an older, previously used, prepared PDF document”.

  1. Also, can I prepare a webpage page from a ‘screen capture’ using software like “Snagit” say.

Your help would be greatly appreciated - Austin O’ Byrne

You possibly could convert parts of the PDF to something that loosely resembles a web-page but since you are reading the book on how to do it the right way; you will notice it’s not typically a good idea.

Well, with the screen grab you could possibly use it for the image elements or as a slicing guideline but you cannot really sensibly use an image as a whole web page. Unless of course you mean you want to extract the image text.

  1. PDF uses XML syntax but I wouldn’t try it as it is too difficult to do the conversion and it will be easier to simply copy and paste the text parts (if the PDF is not proctected to do so) and create the web page the right way. So I agree with xhtmlcoder

  2. Again, xhtmlcoder has given you the best solution possible although I would add that you need to be careful with the quality of the image. If the image you’re creating comes from a page that uses low quality images and you want to make them bigger the result is going to be a complete disaster