Creating a search feature for webiste

Hey All,

Basically what I want to do is create a search box so when a visitor puts in a keyword and hits search it will then list a page with all links to all pages that have that keyword.

I knew of a software program that did that but I cannot find it anywhere.

Any suggestions?

Assuming you don’t want to redesign the wheel check out: Google Custom Search - Site search and more. It’s free and will allow you to make use of Google’s index of your site to perform local searches.

I would rather not use Google to do this. I appreciate the info though.

If I am not mistaken the program I used was CoffeeCup Website Search, but its not available any longer as I can see.

have you tried entering the magic phrase
CoffeeCup Website Search Download
into google???

Yes, and so far everything leads me to

Does your site utilize .NET or PHP so you can implement a search component?

BTW, this post should answer your question about not being able to find it:

Important Announcement Concerning CoffeeCup Website Search | CoffeeCup Software

This might interest you:

Rollyo: Roll Your Own Search Engine

Depends on what your site is built on. Platforms like wordpress/Joomla have their in built search feature, similar to what you want.

To build a search feature that will search your webpages, you would need to have the content indexed or in your database for your search program to search efficiently.