Creating a robust and flexible widgets system

Hey Guys,

I am building a new CMS for our company to use for future projects but I was hoping for a little input in a few areas before I get too engrossed in it all. I’m sure that some of you have a lot more experience with CMS systems than I do so I was looking to pick your brains a little!

I have only used a few off the shelf CMS systems, none of which I particularly like. Wordpress is good for its purpose but I dislike bending it to whatever needs I have at the time, also, people seen to think that wordpress is free to support and that any issues with plugins etc are my domain which is starting to irk. Some of the others like drupal (few years ago now) were just far too bloated and dealt with issues in a very complex way to allow huge flexibility.

I would like to have as much flexibility as possible in a widgets system whilst keeping it nice and simple.

It must be able to pick up different templates and their associated widget areas and then allow users to put various widgets in those blocks. Are there any CMS’s that do this well that I can take a look at for inspiration? If anyone has any advice for adding a widgets system to my CMS, common pitfalls etc, please share!