Creating a mobile survey

Hi. I am a university student and have been asked to create a mobile survey application for touch screen phones. The survey will be sent out at different times of the day to a number of pre-determined people.

What would be the best way to create this application? I have seen Google Analytics and wondered whether that could be used and would it be easy enough to retreive the different results from each individual person?

I am ok with the design using HTML/JQUERY MOBILE/PHP etc but am just not to sure about how to go about the application itself.

Thanks in advance



One way to complete this project would be to use jquery mobile to help create a mobile HTML form for the design aspect of the survey while using PHP/My SQL to collect the user entered data.

I have been asked to incorporate Google Analytics.

here is a visual of the idea

Is this possible? If so, does anybody have any idea of how to go about this?