Creating a Facebook page for my local village

Hi guys,
Ive been asked to create a Facebook page for our local village. Straight off the bat Im confused! Should I choose a ‘Local business or place’ page type or ‘Cause or community’. I think it would be the latter, but - after Googling - cant find a definitive route to go and has just added to the confusion (I read somewhere that you cant tag people on a Community page, which is what we want). Can anybody shed light on this or a tutorial on setting up a Facebook page specifically for a local area?
Many thanks

there are no exact guides on how to create a facebook page for your local community, but i think it should be the same as creating a regular page (in my opinion you should choose “Cause or Community”). You can read on how to do that here.

I would go with community because the local business or place is meant for restaurants or places where money is involved. A community is just what your village is.

I agree with Shanshan, you should choose “Cause or community” because it is based on your local village whereas “Local business or place” should be choose when Facebook Page is about Restaurant or Listings.