Creating a database with phpMyadmin


I am developing a website, and I need to add it a database.
Whe I am hosting the site uses phpMyAdmin.
I am pretty clear with the tables and relationships, but I am not sure how to create the database using phpMyAdmin.
I created some tables, how can I create a foreign Key?
Could you suggest an online tutorial?

Thanks a lot!!

you don’t create the database via phpmyadmin in most instances on a shared ISP. Do you have CPANEL to log into? If so you should see other database options and there you would create your database(s) which are usually limited in the number you can have.


Thanks a lot.

Yes, I do have CPanel access. There is where I am working, sorry for my lack of clarity.
My main concern is how to add Foreing Keys to the tables I created.
I am creating them using “innodb” option.

Thanksa lot!!

Actually on the SQL tab on phpmyadmin you can do any mysql commands you want so you can add the foreign keys there. I don’t know phpmyadmin well enough to tell you if there is a point and click solution to add foreign keys though.