Creating a custom post type

      Hi folks,

Can anyone tell me how to create a custom post type which applies to a post or post archive and not a page?
I don’t see how to customise a post or post archive.

I can see how it’s done for a page but not a post.

Any help appreciated.

Hi Argent,

There are two ways (as far as I know) to create a custom post type:

  1. Programmatically, by calling create_post_type() from within a plugin or your theme’s functions.php file. You can find more information from the WordPress Codex page on post types.

  2. Using a plugin that provides a UI for creating new post types, such as the Custom Post Type UI plugin. This is probably the better option unless you’re creating a custom post type as part of a plugin or theme that you want to distribute.

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Cheers fretburner.

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