Creating a Company in US for an European

What’s the best structure ? And what about Accounting and Taxes ?

If only it were that simple…

Well cannot be worst than in Europe. In some country even if you’re are making no benefit you will have to pay the tax and it’s even more complicated if you’re also salaried. It’s better to be just an investor and you are considered as such when you have a foreign company.

I know the basics about the different structures (LLC, etc.) I want something more specific about foreign company, where it is best for very small (so not for Multinationals !).

States like Nevada, Wyoming, Delaware are popular for company formation. Each are different and offer various advantages/disadvantages, and it really depends on what you intend to do with the business.

For example, if you need a good legal framework around you Delaware can be a good choice. If you are looking for privacy/shielding many will recommend Nevada. Wyoming is dirt cheap and has easy requirements, etc.

If you will have a physical location in the US (you have to at least have a physical address in your state of domicile) then that is a major consideration.

If you need an accountant, it can be very helpful to get one that is conversant in foreign owned corps as well as your state of domocile.