Creating a business directory listing

I’d a web designer only work with xhtml-css-jquery , I want to createa business listing website, whats the best way to get a clean result and able to edit in the future
of course i may need a programmer to help
but I want to know what languages and steps will i follow?


Your question seems rather vague, or I’m just not understanding it.

Explain business listing website a little more? If it’s online… and you’re posting in the PHP section I’m guessing you’re going to want a PHP approach.

The good news is that you already know three of the five languages you need, you just need to pick up two server-side languages. One to write your application in and another to store your application’s data; for instance, PHP and [URL=“”]SQL.

Try picking up a really easy to use, well documented, framework to get you going; maybe CodeIgniter.

I usually try to work out what data I need, then move on to storing this data properly. Once you have this, you can move on to writing application code to create/read/update/delete this data.

If you get stuck, just pop up another post here and we’ll get you going again.

Good luck.

If you’re mainly going to be dealing with CRUD, let me recommend the Yii framework.

Yii Framework: Best for Web 2.0 Development

It has a scaffolding (Gii) feature that will help you generate a base site and some CRUD code for you.

This may get you started in the right direction, and is pretty well documented.

yes online

thanks, I am gonna get through the links you provided and get back to u

thanks a lot, but since I am not very familiar with how to create a database, i will need someone else who is, to be able to use CRUD right?

Edit: I just got it, CRUD is Create, read, update and delete
thats what AnthonySterling was referring to i guess, well gotta spend sometime on reading, will post my thoughts

regards :slight_smile:

If you are looking to create a database, consider using PHPMyAdmin. It’s pretty simple to understand and there are a lot of different tutorials on youtube.

Create the database in PHPMyAdmin and then add businesses manually or through some form you create.