Create text indent over more than 1 line


I need to create a text indent on a paragraph that clears a logo. The paragraph is 10 line with the line height set too 20px. The logo is 161 px high.

I thought I could use the text indent in CSS. Unfortunately the text indent only works for one line

What should I be using instead of text indent. I am familiar with CSS

I would appreciate any advice. I have searched for tutorials with the keywords text indent over 6 lines, this didn’t turn up anything helpful. I also didn’t find anything in Sitepoint. I may be searching for the wrong term.

Thanks :slight_smile:

thanks very much Avenir.

I really appreciate it

don’t use text-indent but float:left for your logo

just use this:

#logo {
float: left;
margin: 0 10px 10px 0;

In your xhtml code:

<img src=“…” id=“logo”><p>your text</p>