Create spreadsheets as webpages


I have a newbie question: I’m trying to create a kind of google spreadsheets for webpages. Looking at various languages/frameworks, I can’t yet figure out what would be the best technology to get started.

Can someone help?

Thanks in advance!


Why re-invent the wheel? You can embed a Google spreadsheet in a blog or webpage quite easily:


That’s true, but I can’t save the data in my own server. I must rely on Google’s and public pages.

Just out of interest, could you then explain a little more about what you are trying to achieve?


I’d like to develop an app that works in a similar way to Excel but on a webpage.
Excel itself has a browser version but it doesn’t allow VBA nor saving the data in a private server which are essential features fpr the applications I develop.

Wow, ok.
You want to write Excel for the browser. That’s no mean feat!

To return to your original question about which language / framework to use: I’m not sure.

You can replicate some of the functionality using JavaScript:
But this won’t have any VBA support and a limited feature set.

Have you though about the Excel Web App?
You can set it up on a SharePoint server (as well as SkyDrive).