Create pdf via php - image resolution

Hi Chaps

Ive been looking around in the forums and in google, however i havent been able to find a class that i create a pdf from db data that gives me the option to stipulate the page resolution/size.

What i need to produce is a ‘factsheet’ of a product that contains and image of the product and a diagram. The diagrams will be pulled form the db, and at moment are of 100% in size at 375dpi. The reason for the high res is that some diagrams are only 15mm in width, therefore printing at 72dpi causes problems.

Thanks in advance

Any knowlege with RoR?

Take a look at FPDF.

As far as I can see, when you insert an image and specify width and height you can control the DPI.
Without specifying width/height the library uses 72DPI.