Create page without a link to it


I know how to add a php web link to a page and use MySQL to display the correct webpage based on the previous link clicked.

I would like to create landing pages that are not linked from anywhere on the website.

How do I create a webpage without having a link to it?


Are you talking about a CMS? You probably need to add more information.

Otherwise you just create a page and do not create a link!

I want to use MySQL

I want to create the pages from data in the MySQL table (no html). So do I use PHP to or is there a MySQL language to create the pages - how would I upload the pages if they are created within MySQL?

Still not sure what you want but you can just write a MySQL query on a php page and not link to it from any where. You are going to need some html to display the data; whether it is in the database or the php code.

To view the page you would input the URL directly into the address bar of your browser.

If I have URL’s in a MySQL database that would be fine but I do not think Google will rank the pages from a list of URL’s in a MySQL database. Sitemaps require links to each other from webpages, right?

Or is there a way to get a site map without having links to one another in a website? If possible this would solve my problem.

You have completely lost me now; it might be worth explaining what you are trying to do.

You could probably make a manual site map with individual pages but most automatic site generators as you know follow the links from one page to another.

I see now - if I manually create a sitemap (which sounds like the best way) will Google rank the pages even if they are not linked to one another?

Google (and other search engines) can only index pages which they can find and access. So to have your page indexed, you would either need to link to it from somewhere, or submit the URL directly to Google/Bing/whoever, via Webmaster Tools.

How a page with no incoming internal links would rank in search results, I don’t know. It might be regarded as unimportant, because of the lack of linking, but I imagine that would depend on the content. (Remember that once the page is public, anybody can link to it from any site.)

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