Create Movie, Insert Into PowerPoint


This may be wrong forum for this question - forgive me :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a website that invites users to enter text, and the website takes that text and displays it in a movie within a PowerPoint presentation. Users can then download their presentation that includes their own text. For example, I entered “doughnuts”, “are”, “good” as my text, and this website chugged away and produced a PowerPoint presentation for me to download that displayed a video of a generic stickman juggling the three words I supplied.

How did they do that?

My guess: a form sends the three pieces of text to Flash (I don’t know Flash) that somehow creates a movie that includes my text, and then there is code (written in .NET [it is Microsoft PowerPoint]??) that inserts said movie into a PowerPoint presentation.

Is that how they did it? If you wanted to create a service that offered users the ability to supply three words that were incorporated into a video that was, itself, inserted into a PowerPoint presentation, how would you do it?

Muchas gracias!

The website is

… how do they 1) take the text you enter 2) make a video featuring that text 3) insert the video into a ppt presentation - on the fly?

It is indeed possible to do this, although it’s not the prettiest task to accomplish. As this is in the .NET forum I’ll go through the C# ways of doing this.

First of all, there is an easy way, but one that costs money. Aspose Slides for .NET is a library that allows you to modify and create Powerpoint presentations programmatically. I’ve never used it, but I’ve heard that it’s quite good if you absolutely need it.

The other way is free, but relies on you coding against the Microsoft Office Interop API. It’s worth bearing in mind that parts of this library are the best part of a decade old, so coding against it is going to be troublesome. Give this article a read and have a crack at it.