Create facebook shopping store in php myql

Hi all

i have a ecommerce site that is custom made in php mysql

now i want to create facebook store in which i want to show my products.

so how can i create facebook store using php mysql

can anyone post a link to tutorial or put me to right direction ??


Why can’t your existing website be used as a “Facebook store”? Isn’t a Facebook store nothing than a website.

Hi oddz

i just wanted to show my products on my facebook page.

when people will click buy now button they will be redirected to my ecommerce website.

There are facebook api’s by which we can retreive facebook data.

But i am not able to find any facebook api which will let me upload my products to facebook page

can you help me on this ??


I don’t believe Facebook allows customers to add code to their site since it would result in infrastructure highly susceptible to security vulnerabilities.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Hi oddz

i dont want to upload the products images and details manually only by one.

I want to add all the products automatically through php script


One option would be to use cURL on your site and automatically upload products.
You will need cURL to log into your account first.
Use cookiefile and cookiejar to save your sessions.
These types of logins can get extremely complex making you examine cookies and headers in your browser and then replicate that behavior in cURL.
Things can get tricky if the site uses javaScript as in setting cookies.

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