Create Correct Path To A Stylesheet


I am learning CSS with Visual Studio Code. I have created a small global css (global.css) file that I would like to use on every page of a website.

The first image shows the index.html of a page named Viewing. On line 7 I attempt to connect the global.css file to the html file. There is probably a path error there.

The second image shows the global.css file. The file sits in the root of the project. It is outside of the Viewing page files folder.

Thanks for any help

*NIX style directory navigation.
/ is the step separator.
. is your current directory.
.. is the go up one level.
anything else is a downward seek.

You are in index.html (or specifically, the directory that contains index.html). What is the correct path to reach your file?


Thanks. I figured it out.

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