Create Animation with Fireworks

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You Should put an animated sample of how to do an animation .
to mush writing on this site noone will read it all

I learned a lot from the article and as I followed the steps I created annimations just as you said they would come out.

Thank you

good article

I wanna thank you for this great tutorial Thanx alot for the hard work.

thanks for the info :slight_smile:
it is great to learn animation :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx a lot 4 dis u really helped me alot!

thanx so much for this educative introduction about animation. you have really helped me in making a good base in designing web animations. thank you

I am trying to work out how to tween a non simple animation. One that has arms and legs and needs to jump. Is there a way to do this if I have the first last and middle illustration. I can’t find any program that lets you tween complex animations. I make my animations in photos hop but I want a smoother transition.